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Asian markets were lower on Friday, taking a pause after large gains made in the previous trading session. Strong US corporate earnings were tempered by weaker employment data, with investors hoping the US Federal Reserve would take more steps to stimulate the economy.Japan's Nikkei Stock Average lost 1.03%, South Korea's Kospi inched higher 0.14%. MICEX AND RTS: MOSCOW STOCK MARKETS October 7, 2008 at 10:41 am | Posted in Economics, Financial, Research, Russia | Leave a comment. Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange or MICEX is one of the largest universal stock exchanges in the Russian Federation and East Europe. MICEX opened in 1992 and is the leading Russian stock exchange, consisting of shares

8 Apr 2019 The merged entity was previously called MICEX-RTS, and took on the MICEX Index and the RTS Index among the world's top stock indices. Futuro BVMF de Índice MICEX. O produto. O Futuro de MICEX é um produto da parceria entre B3 e MICEX-Russian Trading System (MICEX-RTS). O contrato  The performance of the exchange is indicated by its MICEX index (ruble- denominated) and RTS index (US$-denominated). Trading hours: Monday through  4 Dec 2014 While the MICEX Index is denominated in rubles, meaning it gains from the devaluation of the Russian currency, the RTS Index is denominated  June 2008, both these stock indices have never recovered: the MICEX Index over the period of 85 months, and the RTS Index – 83 months. Table 1. Exchange, MICEX-RTS, MICEX-RTS, Borse Berlin, London Stock Exchange. Segment, Main Indices -. RTS Index. MICEX Index. RTS EU. MICEX Power  OJSC Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS ("MOEX") operates Russia's largest public trading markets for equity, bond, derivative, foreign exchange and money 

Russia's US Dollar Denominated Indices: Market Capitalization: RTS Index data MICEX Stock Exchange: Turnover: Buy and Sell: Deals for Non Residents.

The MOEX Russia Index (Russian: Индекс МосБиржи), formerly MICEX Index, is the main ruble-denominated benchmark of the Russian stock market. The index was established on 22 September 1997, and has the same composition as the dollar-denominated RTS Index. The number of component stocks is variable, and depends on liquidity and trading frequency. The MOEX Russia Index (known as MICEX Index until December of 2017) is a major stock market index which tracks the performance of the 50 largest and most liquid Russian companies from 10 main economy sectors, listed on The Moscow Stock Exchange. It is a capitalization-weighted composite index. The RTS Index "Russia Trading System" (abbreviated: RTSI, Russian: Индекс РТС) is a free-float capitalization-weighted index of 50 Russian stocks traded on the Moscow Exchange, calculated in the US dollars.The list of stocks is reviewed every three months. The RTS Index value is calculated in a real-time mode. The index was introduced on September 1, 1995 with a base value of 100. The Moscow Exchange Russia Index and RTS Index are capitalization-weighted composite indices calculated based on prices of the most liquid Russian stocks of the largest and dynamically developing Russian issuers with economic activities related to the main sectors of the Russian economy presented on the Exchange. History. Moscow Exchange was established on 19 December 2011 by merging the two largest Moscow-based exchanges, the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and the Russian Trading System (RTS), hence the name "Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS". Both organisations had been formed in the 1990s and were the leading Russian exchanges for two decades with their MICEX Index and the RTS Index. MICEX Index Futures MX2! MICEX Index Futures RTS. RTS Index Futures News. Community & Tools. House Rules Moderators People Pine Wizards Chat Brokers Stock Screener Forex Screener Crypto Screener Economic Calendar Shows. For Business. Website & Broker Solutions Widgets Charting

Russian market indexes ended the trading session on Friday with an upward trend after the decline the day before. The forecast range of BCS Premier for the MOEX Russia Index is 2,300-2,400 points on Monday. Freedom Finance believes the expected closing range for the MOEX Russia Index on Monday will be 2,315-2,725 points.

Russia's US Dollar Denominated Indices: Market Capitalization: RTS Index data MICEX Stock Exchange: Turnover: Buy and Sell: Deals for Non Residents. RTS | A complete Russian Trading System (RTS) Index index overview by MarketWatch. View stock market news, stock market data and trading information. Le cours de l'indice RTS Index RTSI en temps réel sur Boursorama : historique de la cotation à la bourse de Moscou, actualités de l'indice, consensus des  The MICEX is Russia's flagship stock market index. exchanges, the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and the Russian Trading System (RTS).

RTS Index on Moskovan pörssiiin (MICEX-RTS) sisältyvän Russian Trading Systemin (RTS) pääindeksi, ensimmäinen dollarimääräinen yleisindeksi, johon sisältyy edustava otos venäläisiä osakeyhtiöitä. Siihen kuuluu 50 yritystä. Indeksissä kolme suurinta yritystä muodostavat indeksistä kukin 13-15,5 prosentin osuuden.

Trade CFD Equity Indices with RTS Markets. Start index trading online today with a wide range of global indices. With RTS Markets, both bear and bull market can work in your advantage. Go long or short on the most popular Indices around the world, like DAX 30, CAC 40 and FTSE 100. Markets and client services. Market data: equity&bond market, derivatives market, FX market, money market, commodities market. Operating income. RTS Index MICEX Index Broad Market Index Blue-Chip Second-Tier Index. RUSSIAN EQUITY AND BOND INDICES June 2013 2 MICEX & RTS Indices, the main indices of the Moscow Exchange 1 280 1 290 1 300 1 310 1 320 1 330 1 340 1 350 MICEX Incex 1 230 1 244 1 258 1 272 1 286 1 300 1 314 1 328 RTS Index RTS VX 25 27 29 31 33 35 31,6 31,9 32,2 32,5

TCS Group Holding PLC (depository receipts of foreign issuer) will be included into the MOEX Russia Index and the RTS Index, however, ordinary shares of PJSC 'RussNeft', PJSC 'SAFMAR Financial investments', PJSC '' will be excluded from the indices. OJSC Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS published this content on 02 December 2019 and is

The RTS gained 1.27% and the Micex jumped 1.56%."On Saturday the markets may see a correction ahead of a long holiday weekend", says Ilya Rachenkov from Investcafe.The European markets closed to the upside on Friday, holding up well considering that on the last trading day of the week they had to digest a downgrade of Spain's credit rating Moskovan pörssi, Moskovskaja Birža perustettiin liittämällä Venäjän kaksi aiempaa arvopaperipörssiä (MICEX eli Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange ja RTS eli Russian Trading System) yhteen ensin juridisesti vuonna 2011.. Tämän jälkeen kahden aiemman moskovalaispörssin toimintoja on yhtenäistetty. MICEX, RTS indexes falling as trading day ended. TASS Russian News Agency | Feb 28, 2020 at 4:58 PM. MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/. Russian market indexes ended the trading session on Friday with a downward trend. The MOEX Russia Index declined 4.48% to 2,785.8 points by the close of business on the Moscow Exchange. The RTS index fell 6.24% to OJSC Moscow Exchange MICEX RTS : Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced. 02/28/2020 | 08:02 am. Today Moscow Exchange announced the results of the quarterly review for MOEX indices. All changes were made upon recommendations from the Index Committee and will be implemented from 20 March 2020. Depository receipts of Lenta ltd MICEX (ruble denominated index of TOP 50 Russian shares) and RTS (US Dollar denominated) stock indices demonstrate a clear bullish rally since the US President Election Day, marked as vertical line on the charts. The MICEX index has gained 14,2% since the election to date and 26,7% YTD; RTS performance is even more impressive with 17,7% and 50,9% rise, accordingly, thanks to RUB strengthening The RTS Oil and Gas index dropped 13.2% and the RTS Financials index fell 11.3%. The markets' tumble led to the suspension of trading for an hour on both the RTS and the MICEX exchanges, because

rts指数(rtsしすう、英語: rts index 、rtsi、ロシア語: Индекс РТС )は、ロシア 株式市場の代表的な株価指数。 ロシアのモスクワ証券取引所に上場する銘柄のうち、流動性の高い銘柄で構成される、時価総額加重平均型株価指数である。. 基準日である1995年9月1日の時価総額を100として、米ドル RTS e MICEX.Combinando trocas . As cotações de ações da Rússia antes de 2011 apresentados nas duas principais bolsas de valores - MICEX e RTS.A principal característica de cada uma delas foi a origem.MICEX criado uma organização bancária e funcionamento do intercâmbio, como os especialistas acreditam, foi organizada para o benefício